Gentrification film clip


Hey folks,

I am back in LA.  My nephew is doing great.  He is fully recovered from his surgery.

Looking forward to class tonight! If the topic of gentrification is particularly interesting to you, check out this trailer for a documentary called Flag Wars: POV – Flag Wars | PBS. The Documentary is pretty dated, but the themes are still relevant.  (P.S. You are not required to watch the trailer)

I am looking forward to reading your group guidelines that you have come up with. Please prepare those guidelines by responding to #s 4 and 6 on the handout you received last week.

Take good care and see you all tonight.



Today’s Class

Hi Everyone!

Just a last minute reminder that class does not start until 10:15 today!  We will likely be finished by 11:45.

I am looking forward to our last class together.

take care


Hi folks-

In preparation for tomorrow’s class, I have prepared a quick online activity.  Please take this survey on violence.  All of your answers are anonymous.  I have no way of knowing who supplied each answer.  I will share the results tomorrow in class as we discuss violence in families.

Also, I am still waiting to hear from folks who are participating in tomorrow’s panel.  So far I have heard from Ricky and Lionzo.  Please email me your paragraphs.

Take care-


YouTube – Honoring Young Mamas.

Hey folks, watch this video. It’ll make your heart swell with either or pride (if you are a young mother) or gratitude (if you are a child a woman who had you when she was young) or both!

Also, check out the Young Mother’s Bill of Rights:

Hey folks, check out this article.  Deals with the themes we have been reading about the past few weeks, and taps into some of the conversations we will have around parenting this Friday. Don’t forget, Journal #3 is due this Friday.

Teen Moms Look for Support, But Find Only Shame – COLORLINES.

Tuan, Colene, and Melissa, I have not heard back from you in regards to tomorrow panel!  I need paragraphs in the next hour as I am heading to bed.

See you all tomorrow-


Hi Everyone

You are not responsible for the reading “The Gender of Sexuality” that is mentioned in your journal assignment.  I have edited the assignment.  Sorry for any confusion.

Panelists for this week, please contact me!  I am concerned about the number of people signed up, and I want to offer panelists (for Weeks 8 and 9) the opportunity to switch weeks.  Please let me know if this is interesting to you.

See you all Friday!